Confirmation at First Presbyterian Church

When we were baptized, we celebrated God saying yes to us and bringing us into God’s family. Often this happens when a person is very young with no memory of pledges made that day by family, friends and the congregation about raising that child in a Christian, God-loving environment.

Confirmation, then, is a young person’s opportunity to say yes back to God - to “confirm” what was said and done at his/her baptism.

At First Presbyterian Church - Monticello, we have a two year confirmation program for our young people. In 8th grade, parents take turns showing in the Old Testament and New Testament, examples of how God has been active in bringing us into God’s family.

Currently, our 8th grade curriculum is “Professing Our Faith.” Pastor Al teaches the 9th graders using “Journey to Discipleship” curriculum to bring the students to the place where they agree that they want to continue what was started at their baptism. On Palm Sunday, the 9th graders join the church through their confirmation vows.

For more information about this exciting and critical time in our young people’s faith journey, feel free to contact pastor Al.