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Greetings and welcome from the First Presbyterian Church staff and members. Whether you are visiting or seeking a church family, we look forward to introducing ourselves to you and welcoming you into the life and work of our church family. 

An Update from the

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

July 17, 2022 - The Pastor Nominating Committee has been meeting and working with our Presbytery representative, Kris Ward. The first step in our search for a new pastor was to complete the Ministry Information Form (MIF). This form will be seen by applicants who are interested in the position with First Presbyterian in Monticello. The information on this form tells them about our church, our congregation, and the characteristics we are looking for in a pastor. The committee used the surveys, which were filled out by the congregation earlier this year, to guide us in determining which characteristics to list on the form. The MIF has now been completed, approved by the Session, and submitted to the Presbytery for their review. Once the form has Presbytery approval, it will be submitted online to the Church Leadership Connection for posting. At that point, interested candidates can submit a Personal Information Form as their interest in the position. The PNC Committee will keep you updated as the search proceeds.



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We are offering the following opportunities to help with getting the congregations' offerings into the church offering plate  in addition to attending church services on Sundays. These offering suggestions can continue throughout the year if you choose.

1.  Send your checks directly to the church office at: 211 W 1st St, Monticello, IA  52310.

2.  Fill out a form (CLICK HERE) to direct deposit your money from your checking/savings accounts to our bank account.  This would need to be a set amount either monthly or bi-weekly.  

3.  Contact me or the church office and we can supply you with our account number and bank routing number so you can transfer your offering from your bank account to the church’s bank account much the same way as you pay your bills online.  This could be done weekly or monthly with you controlling how much and when you send your offering to the church.  

Please contact myself or the church office with information as to which offering choice best suits your situation.

Thank you for your continued support of our church’s financial needs.

-Dan Saunders, Treasurer



Facebook Live stream worship is available each Sunday morning at 10 am, and available for replay afterwards at First Presbyterian Church Monticello IA.

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