Mission Statement: (What is God calling us to do? What is our common purpose?)

To make known the love of God through Jesus Christ

To make known.

As humble followers of Christ, we devoutly labor in His field by generously using our time, talents, efforts, finances and voices to honor God’s directive and address the needs of his creation. We reach out and become active and involved in our community.

The love of God.

The liberating power of love through our Father is discovered as we resolve to reorder our lives and bind them to Christ’s message. We passionately devote ourselves to our Father’s redeeming purpose.

Through Jesus Christ.
Our charge is to walk with Jesus. Only through him can the soul be nurtured and committed to the love of God, self, and all humanity. The yearning to follow and serve Christ unites us in a community of faith.

Vision Statement: (What will it look like if we live out our common purpose in our context?)

We are empowered to live out our faith in daily life

We perceive life as an exciting journey guided and fully realized through God’s word. All who desire to experience the Father’s love are warmly welcomed into a friendly and nurturing community of faith.

Are empowered.
Heartfelt discipleship will take root, blossom and flourish as we lovingly cultivate spiritual awareness and engage with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We grow in Christlikeness.

To live out our faith in daily life.
An atmosphere is created to enhance fellowship and strengthen our faith. Hospitality and outreach is gladly and readily extended to organizations, the community, and God’s world. Worship is a joyous assembly in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving to celebrate God’s blessings.